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Dahlia - Christina Channelle This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

Dahlia is the protagonist in this book, she's an orphan who has lived with foster family to foster family never able to fit in and has no memory prior that of being five, scars down her back from an unknown accident and a very life-like dream featuring a wolf and lots of blood.
All Dahlia knows is she's different but upon settling in with her new foster family where she actually feels somewhat welcome thanks to the help of her foster-brother Sam, she starts to focus on living a normaly teenage life, she attends school for the first time and after many years of homeschooling its not exactly as easy as one plus one, on the plus side she manages to make some form of friendships thanks to Sam and she even attends a regular high school party. Kind of. The thing is, whilst she is attempting to live a regular day to day life, weird or unexplainable things just keep happening and this is basically how the book goes until half way through, it isn't until half way through when we actually get some answers and that left me feeling rather impatient with the book, it kept hinting at something and then we'd get a tiny step closer to being more aware of Dahlia's weird life and then woosh, we're flown five steps backwards. It got a little annoying. Luckily though, I felt once we we're in on exactly what the hell was happening, the rest of the book was a lot more enjoyable and face paced though I must point out the book I read prior to this was a very fast paced roller coaster that left me with whiplash so maybe the first half of this book wasn't as slow as I'm making out ...I am a very impatient person at times though.
The reason for Dahlia's odd experiences and encounters is all down to the fact she's half fallen angel and half vampire. I know, pretty interesting right? They have fancier names and a great back story too. Anyway, she's the only one of her kind and because of this some fallen angels want to kill her for being tainted with vampire blood, and others want to keep her alive just until a certain date to perform a ritual to help free their big boss, so Dahlia finds herself slap bang in the middle knowing that at some point she may end up dead, luckily she doesn't have to worry about this by herself because we have Greyson, a fellow fallen angel, to help her out, he's the Prince Charming in the story, only he's a little more bad ass and mysterious, and him falling for her isn't what he's supposed to do of course which makes their romance a little more interesting.
Of course Dahlia doesn't end up dead - but don't think there isn't a trail of dead bodies left behind, because there is! You may need a tissue or two - and this leaves her and Greyson to fight another day. It ends on a little bit of a cliff-hanger, setting the scene for the sequal which I would be very interested in reading because I think these characters and this world has so much potential know the explaining is all out of the way. I really recommend this book too!