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Tallis - M.C. Rae,  Killian McRae This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

After entering the giveaway for this book on Goodreads I noticed that the author was willing to provide review copies so I quickly got in contact with her because I was intrigued by the synopsis and boy I am super happy I did, I'm also kicking myself for not picking it up quicker as I have the eBook version I wasn't aware it was a lovely short read at 58 pages. You're probably sat there thinking "psssh how can a wonderful fantasy story be told in 58 pages" and I'm here to tell you that this book right here does exactly that by being beautifully written, seriously I felt like I was reading poetry! I was a little lost for the first few pages whilst being introduced to the world but soon figured out what was what even with all this long and wacky names, that I'm pretty sure I couldn't pronounce if I tried but it doesn't matter one bit. I really enjoyed this book specifically due to the fact its was a welcome change of scenery to all the YA I've been reading lately, with some of the characters being immortals it obviously had a much maturer writing style on none of the teenage setting I've been reading so much of lately, it so great. The story follows Tallis, an immortal with wings who shows no emotion, whilst her "doomday" fate draws closer and she's fighting which path to go down... It's a little difficult to talk about this book and to not give spoilers away because at the end of the day it is a short one (and a lot happens) so if you don't want any spoilers you should probably look away now, what I do write though I'll try to leave vague-ish. As mentioned Tallis is brought up to show no emotion for one reason or another but as the day draws closer where she could potentially die she opens up her heart and body to some very strong emotions - love, lust, passion and desire - which in the end turns out to be a very big mistake! The ending was so emotional I felt like my heart had been physically ripped out of my chest and it's a complete cliffhanger, but not in the sense that you expect another book in the sense that Tallis could go in either direction as their is closure for the reader but not Tallis. Its a little hard to explain, poor Tarameen :(
Recommend? Yup! Its a great read