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A Good Man - Vanessa  Morgan This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

A Good Man is a screenplay about Louis Caron, an elderly vegetarian Vampire and is currently in preproduction with Radowski Films. From the first page I was amazed at how easily I could vision each scene and had such a strong connection to Louis, even with there is less description that a typical book. I loved this screen play from the start, it was humorous throughout yet was deadly serious when needed to be and in the end you can't help but feel extremely sorry for Louis, it seems in the end he really is his own worse enemy. I must point out that my favourite scene was when the cat knocked over the wine, a really good touch with what happened next and made me chuckle out loud on the bus. Its scenes like that, that make it seem almost real because it happens day to day but in this it has a twist - I'm sorry this part was vague but if any of you end up reading or watching A Good Man in the future I really wouldn't want to spoil it. I really wanted to give this book 5 starts (or hearts seen at the top) as I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was just too short and there didn't need to be more but I really wanted more, wanted to know more. I guess I'll have to keep my eyes out for the film of it.