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Orchid, Volume 1 - Tom Morello, Dan Jackson, Scott Hepburn Review was originally posted at Northern Plunder.

Review: I was left a little speechless. This book really made an impression on me, I think it really helps that the back story to every character and to the world is given completely which meant you felt connected and worried for those fighting for their survival, worried for those living on the edge of civilisation praying that the very wild beast stay right away and despising those in power for doing nothing but being in power for all the wrong reasons and even though the world is dangerous and terrifying, it still has this strange and beautiful appearance to it, I wish I could just show you some of the work (well, I have included an image below but there is so much more beauty to the work)! The story follows Simon a freedom fighter who has stolen back the previous leaders mask that is believed to have special powers, he stumbles into the home of Orchid, a teenage prostitute doing what she can to provide for her mother and brother whilst wanting a better life for them too. From the moment Simon enters her life, he turns it upside down, they capture by slave traders and the story follows them on their journey throughout this new and wild Earth. We also get to meet a crazy old lady who lives in the deep wild and a strange, mute "demon" man, it's definitely not your average tale on Earth. I've held back a star even though I really enjoyed reading it simply because considering the book is titled after Orchid, she doesn't really do that much, so I have a feeling that in the next volume we'll definitely get to see her kick some butt and be more of a bad ass, yes? Hopefully. I see it heading in that direction at least because what would be the point in naming the graphic novel after her if she does nothing and because it ends on a cliff hanger! In other words I am completely dying to know what happens next and hope it continues to live up to my expectations.
Recommend? I see no reason why not! Hopefully my local library will get it in stock too cause I think I'd like to reread it.

***Initial thoughts sprawled out***
Have you ever read something that just seemed so perfect and left you wanting more? I have, right now. It provided the right amount of background to the world and every character whilst also having a gripping and beautiful (and dangerous) story and setting. Orchid is just becoming what I imagine to be her full-fledged BA so I've held back a star because I want to see her kick ass. Can December get here sooner?

Full review to come but seriously I think what I just wrote on spur of the moment does it justice.