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Word and Breath (Wordless Chronicles, #1) - Susannah Noel This review was originally post at Northern Plunder, for other reviews please click here.

I was lucky enough and very thankful to receive a copy of Word and Breath from Susannah Noel herself and boy do I have to apologise for taking so long to post this review.

I read Word and Breath during February this year and during this time I hit a reading slump for two reasons, one I was getting bogged down with college work and two, I read a lot in January and felt frazzled. So when I think back to Word and Breath I think to myself "Woah I loved this book but I have such a bad vibe from how I felt during that time that I don't know how to tackle this review". Luckily no matter how grotty I felt in February I still enjoyed this book a lot, which I guess just shows how good it is huh? It certainly allowed me to escape.

Enough excuses, moving on. Word and Breath follows Riana in a dystopia era of our world where reading is no longer common, its pretty much died out and only a few still bother to learn. Those people often end up working for the main government to cycle through any kind of writing, organise, file it and notify the authorities of any anomalies that might lead to rebel activity and their code words. Or of course they're the ones placing the secret codes for the rebels.

Riana lives a pretty normal life for someone who can read, she doesn't have friends and looks after her sister religiously, but before long her life gets turned upside down. First she gets almost mugged, then saved by a total hottie (which by the way, is really unusual in this time because people just don't help each other), her sister is kidnapped and held hostage for reasons she doesn't even know of and sooner or later she is dragged into the rebel underworld.

Though things aren't all bad, the hottie is also a Soul-Breather, which by the way the whole concept of is amazing and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to read the next book and see the development of his character whilst he experiences all these new things! She also gets to spend time with an old friend who disappeared a few years ago, and whilst he too shines a light for her, it isn't one of those annoying love triangles, thank g-d!

What start off as a fairly slow paced book soon turned into a whirlwind of an adventure; fast paced and guns a blazing which I was struggling to put it down for college work at times! I loved finding out about the different groups fighting for power in their world, along with the real reason for why they were so interested in Riana and the fight to get her sister back unharmed. It was a thrilling tale, and I have a feeling the second book will not fall prey to the sequel suicide club!