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Geek Girl - Holly Smale This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

I received an ecopy of Geek Girl from NetGalley and read it very early on this year, unfortunately as you can see the review hasn’t come until now thanks to college.

Geek Girl is about Harriet Manners who is, well a “geek” and gets the opportunity to spin her life around for what could be the better.
I say could because before it can become better things definitely take a turn for the worse.

For someone who is a self-proclaimed geek, she doesn’t exactly apply her knowledge to anything that is happening around her and I think this it what bothered me the most.

Basically, Harriet ends up being scouted for a fashion company even though she doesn’t want that kind of life style and it is exactly what her best friend wants out of life. Of course her best friend is going to be upset, and of course Harriet ends up saying yes in hopes to improve her life and put an end to the bullying but in doing so she ends up lying about the whole event to her best friend.

And what do we know about lying? It’s not good. Ever.
No matter how organised and planned out the lying is, its not worth it.

I know the girls are only in school and well what can you expect but it just took away a lot of the fun from the story from me because all I could think was “if you were honest, spoke and explained the situation to your friend then honestly she’d be very supportive of what you were doing” but nope.

*sigh* is it really that difficult to communicate?
As John Green said it one of his vlogs “USE YOUR WORDS” it seriously helps the majority of situations.

So as you can see the characters left me a bit frustrated at times (it didn't ruin the book luckily) but aside from that it was a fairly enjoyable read, seeing how Harriet ended up solving the whole modelling business and coming clean on live television and proving how she’s not a flat-photoshopped-mannequin but has actual things to say made up for all the nonsense I had to put up with. I also liked the whole relationship aspect with Nick, it was cute.

I kind of did expect more geek in the book though but it got washed out a little during the fashion-shoot-holiday but I think if there was a flash forward to a few weeks after the television interview at the end, we’d probably see a Harriet who is a lot more comfortable in her own skin.

I would like to point out though that this is definitely a lot closer to the Y in YA and I probably would have enjoyed it more at a younger age, and I'm more than likely to pick up the sequel to see how Harriet handles her new life.