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Needless to say the foul taste I had with Tally and Shay's friendship from the last book put me off picking up this one for almost a year even though I knew the story focused around a new character - Aya. This book is set three years after Tally ends the reign of terror but without the government keeping everyone as prettyheads, the world is left trying to make up for centuries of lost time which cause tech-heads and surge monkeys to go pretty crazy with their new looks, there are also kickers who spread gossip and stories. Each individual has a face rank now and this can be made higher by a multitude of things, in short Aya wants to boost her face rank much like her brother does - by kicking very intersting stories, her new story is of the Sly Girls who well don't want any kind of fame but Aya is willing to betray them to get hers. This really irritated me because she started to really enjoy being a part of the Sly Girls and if it wasn't for them she wouldn't have stumbled across the "Aliens" luckily though the Sly Girls end up giving her permission to kick the story because of everything they stumble across whilst pulling crazy tricks, its a matter of life and death for the whole planet ...or is it? I honestly think this is the best book of the series, but it wouldn't have worked as a stand-a-lone, the previous books do great at setting the world and giving us the correct knowledge regarding each "type" of person as well as letting us know a lot about Tally and Shay (I say this because they make an appearance in this book and with the knowledge of the previous books their characters make sense but they still really irritated me). I really want to say more about it but I really don't like giving away any big spoilers and for me to talk about my favourite parts in it would just completely ruin the story, I've already mentioned Tally returns and it was actually a pleasant surprise or Aya would have been in some deep shit so I feel like I've given enough away as it is. If it wasn't for this nice ending to the series I probably wouldn't recommend the series at all, luckily I now do.