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Specials  - Scott Westerfeld This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

In this book we get through into the world of the Special Circumstances, specifically The Cutters. Tally and Shay are back, tougher than ever with their new surges and honestly this just made them more annoying. I guess I kind of just lost my shit when reading this book cause I could no longer stand the "friendship" of Tally and Shay, it irritated me beyond belief. I tried to ignore it, the best I could by getting engulfed in the world surrounding them and the rebellion they cause and such but it just put a whole damper on the story. I'm not going to lie I'm writing this in January 2013 because I just couldn't bring myself to review it after finishing as I had such a bad run with it and thinking back on it now I'm failing to remember anything good about it, other than I remember vaguely enjoying it at times. If this had been any other book I'd have probably given it a lower rating but as its part of a series it ties up any loose ends and ends in a way that makes sense so because of this I was happy awarding it three stars, not to mention it was interesting seeing this messed up world from the view of a Special and very fast paced.