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Pretties - Scott Westerfeld This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

After such good impressions of Uglies I couldn't wait to continue the series, I had to see how Tally and Shay's friendship turned out of all the drama Tally managed to cause, unfortunately what I couldn't handle was Pretty-talk, I hated it so much and I just wanted to tear my hair out. However the story line was good, I'll give you that. I loved watching Tally and Zane tackle curing themselves of being Pretty-minded with some bad side-effects on Zane part and their plan and break out to get to The New Smoke, and Tally stumbling across an interesting and not so guarded secret conservation of "Primitive Humans", an aspect of this story I didn't like was Shay, I felt so unconnected from her and all she needed to do was listen, I mean I know girls have their bitchy personalities and all but if Tally and Shay could have just spoken and listened to each other I'm sure things wouldn't have turned as nasty as they had and I know she was't really a big part of the story but it did really irritate me, along with Tally's conflict between Zane and David, it just got super frustrating and because it followed a similar plot outline to Uglies it lacked the freshness that I felt and I just didn't feel as attached throughout the book hence the lower rating.