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The Last Witch (Incenaga, #1) - Debbie Dee This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

I was lucky enough to see a post on Facebook about this being on the Amazon Kindle Lending Library and the day I saw it was the last day it was available too. I'm really happy I did because I had yet to decide what to borrow.

I wanted to love this book from page one, it had a great concept behind it and as Emmeline didn't know about her heritage or powers we found out about them along with her, whilst it was frustrating that everyone wanted to keep her in the dark - quite literally too as her power comes from fire - it was fine to deal with because of how the story developed. My actual issue was that for me the rest of the story was a little too predictable for my likings, it wasn't one hundred percent oh yes this is definitely going to happen for most of the story but it was still pretty obvious. I wouldn't let that put you off picking up the book though because this is something I deal with for most books and movies, I just have a natural talent for taking guessing with what's about to happen and more often than not, it does. I really need to stop doing that and to suspend my thoughts whilst trying to enjoy myself but that is easier said than done too - the only thing that I felt was very obvious was the Gamekeeper and his background, to me it was just too impossible that there wasn't more to him.

So I've pointed out why I didn't rate this book higher than three stars considering I really liked Emmeline's character development and I want to point out what else I liked too because it was a great read, just my brain lacks the ability to shut off. I believe one of my favourite things about this book is that we get to see how Emmeline's powers can be controlled by others, we get to see her at her weakest as well as her strongest, how she has no choice but to do others willings at times but also how she has to depend on another to control her if only for a brief moment to make guarantee their safety. Basically, I like how just because she's the main character with all this power behind her doesn't mean she always has to be strong and kicking butt. Also I think its set the scene well for the second book which I think will be a lot better and I'm looking forward to be able to read it.