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Switched  - Amanda Hocking This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

So I started reading this straight after finished another book about Trolls which made me a little worried that due to similarities I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, however where he similarity started is also where it ended. Whilst this is about trolls, it isn't your average big green and ugly kind of trolls, nor is it any form of troll-like that you might imagine, these trolls are in fact so very human looking they're actually swapped out with human babies to help them survive with privilege human "parents" - its a tradition that dates back a while and a little complicated but I guess it works, most of the time. Unfortunately for Wendy it didn't work, her human "mother" knew that Wendy wasn't her flesh and blood and eventually decided she wasn't even human flesh and blood to the extent that she deemed it worthy to take a knife to Wendy's belly in an attempt of murder. Flash forward a few years and Wendy is bored at school and what we assume a-ok other than a scar across her mid-drif (its a good job tank tops aren't ever nice looking I guess?) and her ability to well push people to do or not do what she wants, its a little spectacular really that she isn't more worried about the fact when looking at someone and thinking something hard enough they do just whatever she thought but I guess being brought up being called a monster makes you have a little tougher shell than usual people. Anyhow this boy, Finn, gets a little creepy close with the staring and almost but not quiet flirting but he turns out to be from the Troll world too and its his job to get Wendy where she belongs, back with her Troll mother, only here is the catch not only does Wendy not want to leave her human family behind her real mother isn't just any Troll, she happens to be the Queen of the Trolls! Don't worry though, Wendy does end up following Finn back "home" but it takes an attack from the Vittra (bad Trolls) to get her to run away, here is the point in the story where things get interesting but at the same time not, its why the books has left me with very mixed feelings, whilst I adored reading and learning about the Trolls lifestyle and customs and seeing Wendy adapt to attempting to become the next Queen I just constantly felt like nothing was ever happening. I think if you've read the book too, you'll know what I'm going on about, whilst we're pounded with all these details nothing actually happens and it just leaves you wanting more that is until a big attack at the end from the Vittra which isn't all that big because we're seeing it from Wendy's point of view and she spends most of it worrying and running. I think if I hadn't found the whole initiation process of Wendy into her new life and the development between her character, Finn and her fake brothers real brother Rhys and the lack of relationship between herself and her real mother, I'd have given the book a lower rating, I'm definitely open to reading the next in the series to see how it progresses as I think things could potentially be rather interesting.
3.5 Stars