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House of Night: The Graphic Novel - P.C. Cast,  Kristin Cast,  Kent Dalian,  Joëlle Jones,  Karl Kerschl This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

Review: I received this for review from NetGalley and I guess I jumped the gun a little, I requested it because I really wanted to read the series but knew that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on it any time soon and figured this would be a good substitute. Well turns out someone actually gifted me the series this month, well the first 8 which is a lot of books, and after finishing reading this I realised I've probably read a bunch of spoilers.
So now to my proper review, obviously as I haven't read anything else to do with this series it was interesting to see this different take on vampyre's, for starters they end up being marked and it takes a long time for the transition from fledgling to full blown vamp to be completed but could also end up rejecting the transition and dying at any time. With this being a graphic novel there is a lack of explanation into how the marking takes place or happens, there are a few hints here and there but not full detail into the process, you also get to see what happens when the transition fails which is pretty brutal. I liked the layout of the storyline too, how they visited each of the affinities individually so we get to meet some pretty big names in history and their alternate-vampyre related history. I do believe that when the story transfers to each of the history/affinity lessons are the more interesting parts but that isn't too hard to believe because they are long and obviously I have no connection to the characters. I think a downside to this graphic novel is that it's not 100% sure of its target audience, when the story is following Zoey and her friends I could easily believe its for a younger audience but some of the topics that are touched upon in the history sections are darker, brutal and graphic which could illustrate an older target audience, or at least one a little more maturer than the previous suggests and this led me to being a little confused at times, especially when some of the more darker things that happened were simply glossed over. Maybe I'm just picky? Maybe I can't judge properly without reading the series, who knows? One thing is for sure it got me desperate to pick up the main series a lot sooner than planned but I think I'll only continue with the graphic novel series if I adore the series with all my heart. It was a good read but I think I could appreciate it more with background knowledge.
Recommend? I'd say read the series first.