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A Blood Seduction - Pamela Palmer This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

3.5 stars

I received a signed advanced readers copy of this book through a giveaway on Goodreads and was dying to get my teeth sunk into at once, unfortunately life and various other books had different plans so it took longer than I thought to get to it. Whilst my love of vampires is a strong one causing me to almost instantly love anything vampire related (my Dad even tells his work friends that I don't want a job when I grow up because I'm going to become a vampire, hey I'm a kid at heart still) but this book left me with mixed feelings.
The book started of great, I was completely drawn into Quinn's odd and very unusual life of ever-changing-coloured-clothes and how Zack and Lily were somewhat like myself and my boyfriends which I spent a while giggling over and then read out to him, he also saw the similarities.
At this point I wanted nothing more to adore this book with all my heart but it got little weird when Quinn and her brother fall into Vamp City in search of the Lily who has gone missing. I don't mean your regular kind of vampires running about left, right and centre weird, what I'm referring to is after Quinn and Zack fell through they were pounced on by some vampires, a different vampire came and "saved" Quinn for some unknown reason, fed of her and raped her and ta-da! Cause that is all it takes these days to send lovely women shaky at the knees with a constant desire to be with him. Any way my point is I don't understand the strong relationship that Arturo and Quinn end up having because he's a vampire and constantly lives up to his vampire tendencies - lying, deceiving and betrayal. I would also like to point out this is the first book I've read where there has been that much detail in the sexy scenes and it was a little odd to get used - I'm pretty sure I didn't get used to it because I'm really prude - but I wont turn down new genres just because I think I'm not suited to it.
Even though this review so far has been a little negative I want to completely turn it on its head now because the truth is that I adored the story line, I loved Quinn's love for her brother and how desperate she was to do anything to find him and save him, I mean escaping three times is a pretty difficult thing to do from normal kidnappers never mind those that are super strong, super fast and have a great love of feeding on your pain or fear. The storyline is what made me keep reading to the end because I had to know how it ended, I had to know if the three of them (Quinn, Lily and Zack) would end up safe and sound at home and I had to know whether Quinn was the sorceress they needed to save Vamp City! I forgot to mention that didn't I? Basically the vampires are in need of a stronger sorcerer/sorceress to renew the magic of Vamp City to stop it from collapsing on itself, stop the sun breaking through their barrier and in turn save all their lives and the lives of the Slaves or Slavas living there too, oh and the werewolves. Yes we have werewolves too, they didn't really play much of a part in this book and were mentioned once or twice and walked past once and had one conversation with another character but I do think this small introduction to them could be foreshadowing that they may have a larger role in one of the sequels? Due to my dire need to know whether Quinn succeeded in saving Vamp City is what capture my attention (and I had to throw it aside a little when she got all lovey dovey with Arturo because it didn't make sense) and I am actually looking forward to reading Book 2, whether I continue beyond that lies entirely with how well Book 2 is written.
Recommend? I think this is one you need to make your own choice on, I'm so parted with my own thoughts.