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Shades of Grey (Flipback) - Jasper Fforde This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

Wow, completely speechless! This is book is truly fascinating and completely different to anything I've read before. The whole idea and back story is so well thought out and unique that it's actually a little difficult to get used to at the start, but you soon learn to understand what's going on, on the other hand this doesn't mean that you aren't constantly surprised throughout the whole book. I'm actually stunned at what to write because I can't mention too much without giving away just how extraordinary this is, the way Fforde writes at times makes it seem almost poetical. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something a little different to their normal reads and I can guarantee you'll like it. This also means I'm really looking forward for the next two books but Painting By Numbers has an expected publish date of 2013 so until then I'll have to read books from my to read shelf.