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The Companions - R.A. Salvatore This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Companions from NetGalley, along with the follow up book The Sundering, this is no way effects my opinion of the books.

You're probably wondering why I've rated something and put it as did not finish. Its a little odd to do, but I should probably explain why I'm placing it as dnf first.
This is the first book I've picked up of The Drizzts series, but of course it is also the first book in a smaller series called The Sundering which is why I was okay to start it. Unfortunately I actually have no background knowledge of the Drizzt series what-so-ever. None. Zilch.

Whilst the book didn't seem to be referring too much to past events that needed further explanation, but it does have names of people and places that - to me - feel like they mean something important. Granted they may not but I feel a like I've kind of been thrown in at the deep end as I have no prior knowledge.

So that explains the dnf, now the rating.

About half of what I read I did thoroughly enjoy, most of them happened to be Catti-brie's chapters, I found they were well written and really held my attention a lot better than the rest. I think that has to do with her magical abilities and how it allowed more to instantly happen, even at the young age.

The overall storyline - of what I understand from the skimming I've done - held a lot of potential too, its about three hero's being reborn to stop/accomplish something later on in their new lives but they retain their memory and knowledge. It has so much potential to be frakking awesome.

Unfortunately because of the previous reasons stated I didn't think it wise to carry on, instead what I intend to do is return to the series at a later date but instead start with the very first book of the Drizzt series and make my way through all 24 books.
I also feel like its one of those books I'd be able to take in a lot easier if I were to read a physical copy rather than an ebook.

A challenging task? Yes. But I really want too.