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Anywhere - J. Meyers This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.

I received an early copy of Anywhere for review from J Meyers herself.


I, Lauren, who specifically has stated on their review policy that I do not do romance books, who hates romance books and pretty much always passes them up, emailed J Meyers and requested a copy of her latest book - a contemporary romance.

Makes complete sense huh?

In my defence I enjoyed all her other books so much I couldn't resist the chance to read more of her work and to see how it would come across in a different genre and well I didn't expect to be sat here two days later writing up a five star review heh (sorry Jen)!

The last book I sped through this quickly was Warm Bodies which is, well, my usual cup of tea.

Anywhere is the completely adorable story of Skye as she runs away from her real life duties to do something she has only dreamed off - very thoroughly across many journals - travel Europe, with her best friend Paige.

But of course, no quickly planned journey goes without a few a bumps. The first being an actual soon-to-be-bump across Paige's belly, causing Paige to abandon ship and leaving Skye in France to travel alone.

Honestly, I could not do something like that. I get scared taking the bus to town in case I miss my stop or get lost. But Skye is clearly not me and that's a good thing.

Whilst choosing where to go next she meets Asher, the two travel together to Rome and on the way they strike up a lovely friendship. Yes guys, a friendship! We don't have an insta-love issue going down here, I think that's why I loved it so much because their friendship grows constantly over the story and you get to witness as their feelings intensify.

Side note: The time the two spent in Rome made me so nostalgic for my time there with my boyfriend and I just loved experiencing it all again with Skye.

I mean sure they both feel something romantic towards each other early on but they push it away and don't really confront until they're absolutely sure its the right choice and they're ready.

It filled me with gushy lovey feelings which made it impossible to put the book down, my sleep schedule was messed up thanks to this!

I also really liked how there was an issue for both of them that made it difficult to commit straight away because (well it helped get rid of the dreaded insta-love but also) it added to the story so there was a lot more going on, rather than just *insert preconceived thoughts about bad romances and lack of a story line that you may have*.

Seeing as though I didn't really know what I was getting into with this genre I think that made it even more enjoyable because I had no idea what to expect, and well if I can sit here and honestly say that Anywhere has been one of my favourite reads of 2013.

Jen, I really look forward to what else you have in store for us, especially if its a contemporary romance.

Well, I guess I like romances now?

Yikes, I'm actually considering that I liked this more than the Intangible series o_O Help! What has she done to me? Where's Lauren gone?