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January's Shelf Stacking
January's Shelf Stacking

I've been thinking a lot about finally making a blog post here, I orginially planned to make one on the first of January but I guess I got very distracted in reading and cleaning up my other blog, for now I assuming my posting here will be limited but I wanted to share something so here we go.

January Wrap Up!
The image here are all the books I got a copy of throughout January, I'm on a book buying ban so only two of these were bought - one preordered in October and another that I bought this year but I promised myself I'd buy with my Christmas money, so that's acceptable!


Overall I read 14 books last month, and they helped towards a lot of my challenges;

Total: 2 / 6
Source: http://northernplunder.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/january-wrap-up.html